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Groups of Sacpots

Sacpot filled shelves.

Sacpots on ladders 

sacpot at June 2 (2018_05_31 17_42_23 UT
sacpot on shelves1 (2018_05_31 17_42_23

Hanging sacpots!

310119best (28).JPG
310119best (12).JPG
310119best (18).JPG
310119best (17).JPG
310119b (3).JPG
310119 (12).JPG

Sacpots on trees

and stumps

Sacpots on ledges

and steps

150918 (17).JPG
170218 (64).JPG
060218 (276) (2018_05_31 17_42_23 UTC).J
150918 (39).JPG

Sacpots for lining

pots and vases

060219 (3).jpg

Sacpots have been used for wasp

nest camouflage and to keep

wasps off food outdoors!

310119best (1).JPG

Sacpot Xmas tree .


Added personality by Amanda

Sacpot played as percussion instrument by Matthew Sharpe.

How I made the first Sacpot.

I discovered weather resistant polypropylene when I began my research for a new sculpting style. The first test sculpture using the new fabric was so lightweight I tried weighing it down using matching soil-filled sacks only to find the elastic surface could be easily modelled into any shape I wanted. These pots were taking advantage of all the fabric had to give and I was shaping my first Sacpots!

Plastics experts confirmed Sacpots' ethical application of synthetics and that they can be recycled and classed as vegan and farmers using similar stuff for hay bailing said they can't wear it out, so I feel confident Sacpots are long lasting and most importantly, look great.

Visitors to my Shambles market stall in York appreciated Sacpot’s average weight of 75 grams and receiving their online orders through the letterbox.

vynil sign pots (2018_05_31 17_42_23 UTC
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