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!See how they grow

 Newly planted Sacpot, then

at 14 and 16 months later

when it is ready to pot on

Planting up your Sacpot.

Fill your Sacpot with 1.4kg (3lbs) compacted soil. This will allow you to control its shape. For easy access, pull the inner liner back and down the outside of your Sacpot: this will widen the elasticated neck and free both hands for planting. Watch your Sacpot reach maximum stretch to accommodate root growth and pot on. 


My trial pots suggested the elastic neck and inner liner reduced soil evaporation by up to half of the plant's watering needs. I tested this on new pots by watering my plants half the time with half the water and found my plants were happiest in damp soil, not moist and certainly not wet!

(I made these videos with no sound for you to choose your own background music!)

vynil sign pots (2018_05_31 17_42_23 UTC
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