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Marcela Livingston CV

2023      . What If I…? How Curiosity Lead to Creativity

                 Exhibition on process with samples and                               casting moulds at Trapezium Arts, Bradford.

2022       . Tests for recycling crystal glassware, mattress                               bedsprings and watering cans into art.

                 . Research "Make it in Bradford", Exhibition     

                 . Meadow tests on raised beds at Heaton for Inner-                     city Meadows concept.

2021        . Colourful Sacpot fabric Art for Trees and playful                         spaces at Folkestone St., Bradford.

                 . Moss garden & sculpture research at Heaton.

2020        . Design of “See Me” Covid 19 protective Visors

2018        . Design, Development and manufacture of Sacpot                       planting systems                                                   

2016 -17 . Machine Knitting course. New fabric design for                           tough outdoor application

                 . Sculpture study for willow and wood: hovering                            figures for garden borders.                 

2015        . Cast iron fencing and two 2x3m decorative                                   panels: Railway St, Briarfield. Lancs. Pendle                                  Council Dept. of Engineering and Special                                      projects

                 . New carvings for cast iron fence panel series.

                 . Flexible double-glazing and fixings trials for clear                       3 layered blanket, Heaton Polytunnel.

2014        . Cast iron fencing and gates for Sackville St.                                   Gardens & Sackville St. Play area. 

                   Briarfield, Lancs. Pendle Council Dept. of                                       Engineering and Special projects

                 . Project to recycle carved stone remnants of                                 Kirkgate Market Arches. Central Square beds,                             Little Germany, Bradford

                 . Completion of factory renovation into flats, 28                            Paradise Street, BD1 2HR

                 . Designs for new cast iron fence panel series.

2012-14   . Development of Woodland Gardens from derelict                      land at Heaton Allotments, Bradford: 

                  . Demarcation of land into terraces and slopes,                             hedgerow and willow boundaries,

                   woodland planting and fernery, raised beds and                         fruit trees.

                 . Scorched Larch study: paving for Oak Terrace.

                 . Live Willow study: Testing 23 species for                                        sculptural/construction/decorative use.

                 . Hoophouses: Designs concepts for habitable                              sculpture.

2011        . Horticulture BTEC National Diploma (Level 3),                              Shipley College.

2010        . The Furry Tales: two cast iron cat people with LED                       lighting  

                 . Entrance features on pillars for Low Crawcrook                          Estate, Gateshead Housing, Gateshead

                 . Design for 4 Lanterns with revolving lights as                              geographic links to Allerdene Estate Map.

                  Gateshead Housing, Gateshead

2008-10   . Design and project management for 6 flats at                            factory premises, Bradford 

2007-08   . Spark of Desire, 5m dia. Star with pulsating Led                           lights for Speke Retail Park 

2007        . Production and edit for Film short. Atkinsons                              Fencing.                 

2006        . The Faberge: 2m tall cast iron Egg with fibre-optic                       lights. Living Streets,.Trident, Bradford.

                 . “Olympics” entrance feature: Cast iron panels for                       Littleton Park, Salford.

                   Groundwork Manchester and Salford.

                 . Ship-shape and Gateshead Fashion, 3 full scale                         CD boats for Saltwell Park Lake, Gateshead with L.                     Curtin.                                                       

2005       . Research for recyclable art materials: Adobe mud                      figures, Marks Bottom, Holmfirth

                . Designs for Straw bale towers and structures.

                . Two 2m tall geometric cast iron sculptures for                              Bradford Trident Renovation area                                                  and Newby Primary School, Bradford Trident.

                . Eight staff training film shorts for Wakefield                                Housing Trust (collaboration with P.  Medlock                            . Set of cartoon cards: Housing advice workshops,                       Wakefield Housing Trust

                . Geometric sculpture, Manley Park, Groundwork                          Manchester

2004       . “Swallows”: 58m of cast iron railings, Gateshead                          Riverside Sculpture Park.

                . 1.5m dia. cast iron Dragon sphere,

                . 23m x 3m “Stained glass” canopy in steel and                               acrylic,

                . 9 ton stone carving of Stegosaurus.  (collaboration                    with Silvia Ghelardini),

                . Designs for Paver inserts for bronzed resin 

                  Worsbrough Common Primary School, Creative                          Partnerships and the Design Centre,

                . Brass resin Paver designs, Norwood Nature Park,                       Gateshead.                

2003       . 2nd Sunflower Fretworked Sphere, Cromwell                              Road, Groundwork Manchester.

                . "Turf and Thyme" Maze: 25m dia. Unicursal                                 labyrinth Dove Hill, Royston Barnsley.

                   Flame flower castings for Canal, Royston, Barnsley                  . Lizardswing exhibition of security-friendly gates at                    Yorkshire Show stand.

                 . Lizardswing:  laser cut metal, plastics and MDF.                         NEC Autumn Fair 2003.  

2002         . Geometric Sculpture: Walkden Gardens, Sale,                              Trafford Borough Council.

                  . Memorial Garden Sunflower Sphere: 1m dia.                              Sculpture, Beswick Manchester

                    Groundwork  Manchester

                  . Northern Lights Ice Carving Symposium, Arctic                          Circle, Kakslauttanen, Finland.

                  . Topiary event, Designs for modular learning                                system, SOAR Celebrations, Sheffield.     

2001         . Ten cast iron figures and typography for carved                           lettering: Kimberworth Sculpture trail,   

                    Sheffield, Groundwork Dearne Valley.

                  . Article: Design Workshop Techniques, Barnsley &                      Bolton Books, Pontefract Press.

2000          . Designs for drinking fountain, seating and                                   paving, Oldham Town Centre. Art       

                    Department’s artist Team.

                  . “Starfish”: Play area fencing in cast iron. Sandal                          Park, Miles Platting, Groundwork


                  . 400 linear metres of fencing and 10 gates in cast                       iron: eight designs for Thurnscoe,                                                 Rotherham. Groundwork Dearn Valley.

1999        . 1200 paving inserts in relief cold-cast brass and                           bronze of 46 designs of local planting                                           “Flame Flower” barrier rails, 

                    Lettered Seating: blocks in sandstone concrete

                   Carved relief Mural of Trained apple trees.                                   Coloured cast resin, 3mH x 6mL

                  Strawberry lights designs for stove enamelled steel                   Midland Road cross roads Royston Town Centre,                        Barnsley, Public Arts.

                 . Dragon relief sculpture: cold cast bronze plaque                        for lodge entrance, Dragon school, Oxford.                                . Design for 8m x 3m wood fretworked screens,                            Lecture Theatre, Barnsley Central Library.

1998        . Balustrade of Four Elemental Dragon carvings:                           Cast iron panels for New Science Block.      

                   Dragon School, Oxford. Architects: MEB                                       Partnership.

                 . Six 3m x 2m Entrance signs: leaf pattern designs                       & names in relief cold cast metal

                   & resin. Ripleyville Estate, Bradford. W.H.H.L                               Partnership for B&N Housing Association.

                 . Tall entrance doorway, balconies and garden wall                     inserts in cast iron. Guinness Trust at Dorsey St.                         Manchester Northern Quarter. Sagar Stevenson                       Architects. RE: Arts Council “Crafts”, March-April                         1999.

1997      . Security grills to first floor and barrier rails:                                 Musicworks, Brixton, London.  29.10: Official                               opening  by Bridget Riley who said: "The Grills are                     beautiful and give tremendous style and panache                     to the building."

              . Paving designs (2500 m2), concrete low peripheral                    walls, benches and bollards cast iron fences, low                        lighting lanterns. Tiger Moth Square, Irlam,                                  Manchester.

              . Report for environmental improvements to the                          Wells cross roads, Royston, Public Arts              

                Wakefield, Royston-Carlton Partnership.

1996      . Seating and climbing structures: Relief carved and                     curved concrete units for modular 

                 Assembly. Little Hulton, Manchester Groundwork                     Salford & Trafford.

              . Seaweed Fencing in cast iron. Botham Close,                              Manchester, Hulme Regeneration Project

              . Ants trail fencing: entrance Feature and seating in                    cast iron: George Thomas Play area.                     

                Irlam, Groundwork Salford.

              . MA Art as Environment at the Manchester                                  Metropolitan University.

                Dissertation subject: New Materials in Cityscape                        Design.

1995      . Security Shutters on runners in cast iron for ground floor doors and windows.                             

                Musicworks, Brixton, London.

1994      . Pavilion in polycarbonate “stained glass” roof with                     matching Cast iron seating & rails

                Perimeter fencing details, No. 8 Concrete seating

                Mechanised clock: Kirkby, Knowsley Council.

1993      . North Sea Gates 20 ft high cast iron gates: Hull City                   Trail, Hull City Council.

               . Bollard designs for concrete and cast iron.

90-92     . Decorative Screens in wood and MDF. Harvey                             Nichols and Peter Fiell, London.

88-90     . Factory rebuild for workshops and home. New                            premises in Bradford, West Yorks.

85-88     . Design of Holographic foils for advertising.

80-85     . Student at Sir John Cass School of Art, London                           College of Printing and St. 

                 Martins School of Art: life-drawing, photography,                       printing techniques, graphic               

                design and illustration. 

1980      . Arrival to London from Buenos Aires.                                                                                      

                                                                                                                              Revised 06.07.23

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