Where have all the sacpots gone?

Visitors worldwide have loved Sacpots since our first showing in May 2018

Come and dot our map in York or order international and we can dot it for you!




Thank you for sharing your images of planted Sacpots on this page. Email yours to info@sacpot.co.uk


Carina, Tato and Helen (Orange Sacpot fairy!)

280119 (95) best.JPG

Mark and Sam x 3

Rachel W.                             Iva P. "I twisted mine!"            June W. x 3 

Alfredo H. " I put candles  in mine! "                                                                            

Lola T. "All my pots share one of the two colours."

Liz L. : " I planted the Poinsettia on 23 December 2017. The second picture was taken in mid-May 2018. I think the plastic lining and the narrow elastic neck helped the plant live two months longer than usual, maybe due to less evaporation? In fact, I'm sick to death of it but can't bring myself to compost a healthy plant that isn't even losing its leaves yet! "

Tharon M. x 3

Julie D pot.jpg

Julie D. x 2

Julie D pot 2.jpg

Rosie G. x 3

angela pot2.jpg
angela pot1.jpg

Angela P. x 2


Sam and Mark

Mars L

150918 (30).JPG

Helen L x 4

Mrs A

310119best (29).JPG
310119best (11).JPG

June x 3

310119best (6).JPG
310119best (21).JPG
jane's pot.JPG

Jane H

Louise J