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Pet your plant with a Sacpot!

Sacpots are tough ethical plant pots designed to be shaped by you. 

Postbox friendly and handmade in hundreds of colour mixes.

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Sacpots are colourful planting systems made in recyclable polypropylene

designed to be filled with soil and moulded by you.

 Tough, resilient and lightweight, Sacpots are rot-proof, water resistant,

and can be placed inside or outside.

Available in hundreds of appealing colour mixes, Sacpots are a new idea:

The elastic neck lowers water consumption and the insulating fabric

accommodates root growth with full stretch indicating it’s time to pot on!

 ​Dispatched with a liner in a post box friendly envelope, 

your washable Sacpots will store flat after use.

Handmade by Marcela Livingston in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

Exploring Sacpot fabric since 2016

Use Sacpot multiples for vertical gardens, on walls and balconies. 

Hang from trellises and trees. 

Refresh used plant pots with a Sacpot outer liner.

Embed a beaker for cut flowers and utensils. 

Use for storage, doorstops, bookends, display and invent new uses.

Model accessories. Test other fillers. 

Shape Sacpots for pleasure and stress release.

Site images and videos by Andrew Pick and Marcela Livingston

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